Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pentaho Community Edition 3.5.0

Pentaho Community Edition 3.5.0

The Pentaho BI Suite Community Edition [CE] is an open source business intelligence package that includes ETL, analysis, metadata, and reporting capabilities. The suite is composed of server components and client tools. The server components [also referred to as the BI Platform] consist of the BI Server, the administration console and the user console. The BI server is responsible for management and delivery of reports.

Some of the Pentaho client tools include:

Report Designer: Used to create formatted reports. Report Designer offers far more flexibility and functionality than the ad hoc reporting capabilities of the Pentaho User Console.

Design Studio : An Eclipse-based tool that enables you to hand-edit a report or analysis view xaction file. Generally, people use Design Studio to add modifications to an existing report that cannot be added with Report Designer. Design Studio is also required to enable report scheduling, e-mail distribution, dynamic and static prompting, and more.

Metadata Editor: Enables you to add a custom metadata layer to an existing data source.Usually you would do this for a data source that you intend to use for analysis or reporting; it's not required, but it makes it easier for business users to parse the database when building a query.

Pentaho Data Integration: Also known as Kettle. An extract, transform, and load (ETL) tool, which enables

you to access and prepare data sources for analysis, data mining, or reporting.

Schema Workbench : A graphical tool that helps you create ROLAP schemas for analysis

Required :
  1. version of Java JDK (1.5 or greater) installed on your computer/server.
  2. download SQL Script Pack (MySQL, Oracle 10g or 11g , PostgreSQL 8.x.x) database which you are setting up Pentaho link2 link1
  3. to download is the pentaho-ce-3.5.0.stable.zip
See also
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