Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pentaho Business intelligence Server 3.5 stable

Pentaho Business intelligence Server 3.5 stable
  1. most important file you will need to download is the pentaho-ce-3.5.0.stable.zip from sourceforge.
  2. After you have downloaded and extracted the ZIP file in any location of computer. For example I extract zip file on my c: then directory structure as follows :
  3. We have to do major change in biserver-ce directory.
Note :- when you extract pentaho-ce-3.5.0.stable.zip you also get SQL Script on following location

Database settings

download the SQL Script Pack for MySQL 5.x and extract in any location of computer.
Following three scripts required to configure pentaho server
  1. create_repository_mysql.sql
  2. create_quartz_mysql.sql
  3. load_sample_users_mysql.sql
If you want examples then install remaining scripts
  1. create_sample_datasource_mysql.sql
  2. sample_data_mysql.sql
After loading above scripts in mySQL database confirm following table list

  • authorities
  • datasource
  • granted_authorities
  • users
  • qrtz_blob_triggers
  • qrtz_calendars
  • qrtz_cron_triggers
  • qrtz_fired_triggers
  • qrtz_job_details
  • qrtz_job_listeners
  • qrtz_locks
  • qrtz_paused_trigger_grps
  • qrtz_scheduler_state
  • qrtz_simple_triggers
  • qrtz_trigger_listeners
  • qrtz_triggers

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